Maharashtra ATS foils plot of terrorists on Independence Day

Alerts issued to important cities in the country

Pune – Many individuals associated with extremist organisations viz. Al Sufa and ISIS have been arrested in Maharashtra in the last few days. Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (MATS) thoroughly interrogated these terrorists, wherein it was exposed that they were planning to sabotage on the occasion of 15th August 2023 in India. Mohammad Yunus Saki, Mohammad Imran Yunus Khan, Zulfikar Ali Barodawala, and Shahnawaz Alam are the names of the detained terrorists. They came from Madhya Pradesh and stayed in Pune for training. They were to carry out their plan on 15th August 2023. Intelligence Department has, therefore, alerted all important cities in the country, including Mumbai and Delhi.

MATS is investigating whether Zulfikar Ali Barodawala, one of the recently arrested terrorists, rented a house at Padgha in Thane for Reiki of the important places in Mumbai.

Terrorist activities going on despite imposition of a ban on the organisation

Al Sufa is a terrorist organisation set up in Ratlam District of Madhya Pradesh. It has been observed that it was using the internet to draw youth from Rajasthan for making them into extremists. The main targets of this organisation are RSS members and BJP leaders. The organisation has been banned by the Government a decade ago.

Are terrorist modules in Kondhwa in contact with each other ?

The groups of terrorists in Kondhwa, destroyed by the two different investigating agencies, viz. NIA and ATS, have been in contact with each other and helping each other since it has been found that Zulfikar Ali Barodawala arrested by MATS was providing money to Mohammad Yunus Khan and Mohammad Yunus Saki.

Kondhwa is the centre of terrorist activities

Adnan Ali Sarkar was staying in a building near Jyoti Chowk in the Kondhwa area of Pune. His brother’s brother-in-law Zuber Noor Sheikh was nabbed from a place close to him, while Mohammad Yunus Saki and Mohammad Yunus Khan were arrested from Chetana Nagar, which is not far from this place. Mansoor Peerbhoy and many terrorists were arrested from ‘Ashoka Mews Society’, which is a little farther from this place. In the same area, at some distance away, there was the office of ‘The Popular Front of India (PFI)’, another banned terrorist organisation. The likelihood of these terrorists interlinked with each other is to be investigated.

Editorial Viewpoint

There is a hanging sword of terrorist attacks on Indians on the occasion of all national festivals every year. The establishment of Hindu Rashtra is, therefore, necessary to make India free of terrorism.

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