Nafees Mohammad, a teacher, molested and pressurised girls for conversion

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Dehradun (Uttarakhand) – Nafees Mohammad, a teacher, working in the Government Higher Secondary School, at Khatima, in Udhamsinghnagar district, has been accused of molesting Hindu girl students. (How can such a teacher teach morality, to the students? –  Editor). But no action was taken against the teacher, resultantly, angry parents protested outside the school. (Shame on the administration and the Police for not punishing such lustful teachers! – Editor) Even earlier, two months ago, the same teacher was accused of molesting a girl, but at that time, instead of taking action against him, the Headmaster put pressure on the victim girl and settled the matter. (Strong action should also be taken against such principals! – Editor)

According to media reports, after the complaints from the students; their parents, relatives met the Headmaster and demanded action against the accused teacher, Nafees Mohammad. But even after that, the Headmaster did not take any action. Enraged by this,  families of the students and ‘Parent-Teacher Association’ members marched to the school and encircled it. Police rushed to the spot and brought the situation under control. A complaint has been lodged with the Police, on behalf of the victimized students. In this complaint, the teacher,  Nafees Mohammad has been accused of several serious allegations, including, calling the girls alone and molesting them, pressurising them for conversion, threatening them to fail etc. The Police are investigating more in the case.

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Lustful Muslims !

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