Teacher thrashed a Hindu girl for applying Bindi; mother insulted : Girl committed suicide

  • An incident at the St Xavier’s School at Dhanbad
  • The teacher and the Headmaster of the school arrested

(Credit : OpIndia Hindi)

Dhanbad (Jharkand) – A teacher of St Xavier’s School in Tetulmari locality of Dhanbad thrashed in full view of the entire class, a Hindu student for coming to school by applying bindi. When the student’s mother came to school to enquire about the incident, the Headmaster insulted her and drove her out of the school.  The student felt insulted by all this, returned home and hung herself.  She committed suicide on the 10th of July. The girl has left a suicide note.

Thereafter the people demonstrated outside the school. Police have registered a case against the school’s Headmaster and the concerned teacher and arrested them both.  The National Child Rights Commission has taken cognisance of this incident.

Jharkand’s BJP President Babulkal Marandi has demanded that the Chief Minister cancel the recognition accorded to the school. Marandi wondered why these schools have such antipathy for the Sanatan symbols, and said it is beyond reasoning and hence, non-understandable.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • It is shameful that in a Hindu majority country, Hindu students consistently face opposition to their applying the Bindi in school.
  • Hindus by sending their children to study in schools which have this attitude are going away from their culture heritage and religious practices. This is the reason for their downfall. The Hindus not realising this makes it imperative that Hindu Rashtra is established to change this situation.

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