Bangladeshi girl forces youth to convert by luring into love trap through Instagram

  • Youth from Rajkot (Gujarat) caught in Love Jihad trap
  • Ashish Goswami becomes Sheikh Mohammad
  • Ghar Wapasi after counselling by devout Hindus

(‘Ghar Wapasi’ means Hindus converted to Islam or Christianity, etc. are brought back to Hindu Dharma)

Ashish Goswami (Credit : OpIndia)

Rajkot (Gujarat) – Through Instagram, a Muslim girl from Bangladesh lured local Ashish Goswami into love trap. He was forced to convert. As the girl promised to marry him, he converted to Islam and started living in a mosque. As soon as the pro-Hindu organisations came to know about this, they counselled him and finally he did “Ghar Wapasi”.

This incident happened in Jetpur of Rajkot District. Ashish was in contact with a Muslim girl from Bangladesh since some months. At her behest, he started watching videos of Jihadi terrorist Zakir Naik. He converted to Islam and changed his name to Sheikh Mohammad Alsami. He left his family home and started residing in a mosque and offered namaz 5 times daily. On 5th July, local Muslims took him to the hospital for circumcision. As soon as Ashish’s family knew this, they also arrived at the hospital and stopped him from getting circumcised. When Hindu organisations got this information, many devout Hindus reached Ashish’s home. On the night of 5th July, in the presence of Mahant Kanaiyananda Maharaj of Nrisimha Temple in Jetpur, Ashish was counselled for 2 hours about the mistake he was committing. He admitted that he was lured by fanatical Muslims. Mahant did his “Ghar Wapasi” by applying sandalwood tilak on his forehead.

Editorial Viewpoints

Many incidents of Hindus blinded by love and leaving their religion are happening every day. Do we ever hear such incidents regarding Christians or Muslims ? This is shameful for Hindus devoid of ‘Dharmashikshan’ (Education on Dharma) and ‘Dharmabhiman’ (Pride for Dharma).

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