Talk about safety of Muslims in India with Modi : Obama to President Biden


New Delhi – Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman questioned former US President Barack Obama’s remarks about human rights issues in India during PM Modi’s recent visit to the US, accusing him of bombing six Muslim countries when he was in power.

Obama urged President Biden to question Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the country’s treatment of its Muslim minority population.

Speaking at a Press conference, Nirmala Sitharaman said, “When PM Modi was visiting the US, a former President of the US spoke about Indian Muslims. We want friendship with the US but there, too, we get remarks about religious freedom in India. A former President – under whose rule six countries with a dominant Muslim population were bombed with more than 26,000 bombs – how will people trust his allegations ?”, citing Syria, Yemen and Iraq as examples.

She also slammed opposition leader Rahul Gandhi, saying, “When Opposition leaders go outside of India, they do not keep India’s interests in mind. They are unable to defeat PM Modi, which is why they raise such concerns. As a result, these foreigners engage in debates without taking into account the ground realities”.

The Press conference came a day after Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma caused a stir with his ‘Hussain Obama’ tweet in which he criticised Barack Obama’s remarks on protection of ethnic minorities and Muslims in India.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • Who has given Obama the right to comment on the internal matters of India ?
  • Has India ever commented on the atrocitiies on non-whites and racial discrimination that is rampant in the US ?

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