Maulavi arrested for operating madarasa under the guise of training institute in Uttar Pradesh

Arrested Maulavi

Ghaziabad (UP) – Ghaziabad Police have arrested a cleric named Shaukat Ali for operating a madarasa under the guise of a training institute.

According to media reports, a Maulavi named Shaukat Ali was running a training institute called ‘Future Track’ in the Deepak Vihar area of ​​Khoda in Ghaziabad. This institution was transformed into a madarasa. Hindus living in the Deepak Vihar area protested against the offering of namaz in this madarasa. A person named Prem Singh from Deepak Vihar filed a Police complaint about this unauthorised madarasa. On 23rd June, the Police team noticed a crowd near the institute while patrolling in the Deepak Vihar area. The Police realised that this crowd was of people offering namaz. As this act of Maulavi posed a disturbance in the communal harmony and created a rift between the two communities, the Police registered a case and arrested him.

The accused Maulavi used to run an unauthorised madarasa earlier. It was shut down by the Police. After this, he rented a house and opened a madarasa in it again. The Police are investigating further in this case.

Editorial Viewpoint

Were the Police asleep until an unauthorised madarasa began operating under the guise of a training institute ? Action should also be taken against Police officials responsible for this !

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