Hindu Rashtra means sending the country to hell : Shivanand Tiwari, Rashtriya Janata Dal

Bihar’s RJD leader Bihar Shivanand Tiwari spews venom !

Shivanand Tiwari, Rashtriya Janata Dal

Patna (Bihar) – ‘There is a need to prevent India from becoming a Hindu Rashtra. If the country becomes a Hindu Rashtra, it will not be good for the country, because there is inequality in Hindu Rashtra. Hindus do not believe in democracy. Hindu Rashtra means sending the country to hell’, Shivanand Tiwari, leader of the ruling Rashtriya Janata Dal in Bihar, said.

He further said that Hindu Rashtra also means partitioning the country. After the establishment of Hindu Rashtra, the right to equality will end. Ambedkar rightly said about Hinduism that because of Hindu Rashtra, the lower castes will become like animals. Even if the shadow of the lower castes falls on the body of Brahmins, the latter feel as if their Dharma has been vitiated. The Hindu community does not believe in equality. (Tiwari speaks just because he has a mouth to speak ! Hindus should seek an explanation from such people in a lawful manner ! – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoint

  • Does Tiwari mean to say that the Islamic nation is heaven ? Please note that he never talks about the terrorists’ goal of making India an Islamic country !
  • It is quite evident that those who call the Hindu Rashtra ‘hell’ are anti-Hindu in their minds ! Such Hindus are the true enemies of Hindu Dharma !

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