Veer Savarkar’s guidance should be followed to establish Hindu Rashtra : Ranjit Savarkar

Ranjit Savarkar, Working President, Swatantryaveer Savarkar National Memorial

Ranjit Savarkar, Working President, Swatantryaveer Savarkar National Memoria stated, “Muslims pray 5 times a day. Similarly, Hindus should devote time to establish Hindu Rashtra. Hindus should awaken to Veer Savarkar’s thoughts and contemplate how they can contribute to establish Hindu Rashtra. Before starting to work towards it though, one must understand its concept. Veer Savarkar’s thoughts would guide us in establishing Hindu Rashtra, we should follow them. Muhammad Bin Qasim divided Hindus while invading India, which resulted in king Dahir’s defeat”.

He further added, “Historically, Hindus have been defeated due to differences in region, language and sects. Sikh religious leader, Guru Gobind Singh, called his own sect as ‘Khalsa’; but maintained that he is a Hindu by religion. Our religion is Sanatan Hindu Dharma only. We should understand the statement of Savarkar that ‘Hinduism is our nationality’. Hindus make up 80% of India’s population; but we are divided in castes. Muslims can persecute us as we are not united. This is our fault. In the current times, battles are not fought using weapons but using economics. ‘Halal Jihad’ is an economic battle by the Muslims. Hinduism is not only a method of worship; Hinduism is nationalism”.

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