BBC admits to tax evasion of 40 crore rupees

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New Delhi – The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has admitted to evading taxes worth Rs 40 crore in India. An English newspaper published this news. On condition of anonymity, two officials of the “Central Board of Direct Taxes” provided information, “The BBC has emailed our office and acknowledged tax evasion,” they said. This email had no legal basis at the time. The officials said that if the BBC is serious about tax evasion, they should pay revised taxes.

One of the officials said that in our country the law is equal for all. There is no special treatment for media establishments or foreign establishments. Therefore, until the BBC resolves this matter through legal means, action against them will continue, he explained.

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A few weeks ago, the Income Tax Department raided the offices of the BBC in New Delhi and Mumbai. At the time, the BBC claimed the raid was due to the airing documentary targeting Modi on the Gujarat riots. But now it has become clear after accepting tax evasion, that BBC was making a fuss.

The Income Tax Department conducted a BBC tax survey in February this year in which tax evasion was found in 2016. The BBC previously denied tax evasion and now admits it. Now the BBC has applied for outstanding taxes payment. However, the dues have not been paid yet.

Editorial viewpoint

The BBC, which was making a fuss of being harassed for tax evasion, must now face tougher action. Only then such British establishment will learn a lesson.

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