Illegal mazar on historic Parvati hill at Pune !

Illegal mazar (Credit : MahaMTB)

Pune – An illegal mazar has been built by Muslims on the historic Parvati hill. Usually, Puneites flock to this hill in large numbers. (How come no one noticed this blatant Islamic encroachment ? At least now Hindus should give up their slumber, become alert and unite to overcome the Land Jihad conspiracy of religious fanatics) Muslims are being accused of building an illegal mazar and trying to grab land on the hill. In reality too, Muslims now gather here in large numbers to offer namaz. Some alert citizens exposed this issue on social media.

A mazar has been built at an open spot on the Parvati hill.  A raised platform has been built around the mazar. Citizens have contacted Madhuri Misal, the MLA of Parvati constituency and informed her about the matter. MLA Misal has asked her party workers to inspect the site and file a Police complaint.

Dheeraj Ghate, former BJP corporator submitting complaint at Police station (Credit : Hindustan Times)

Dheeraj Ghate, former BJP corporator in the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), has submitted an application in this regard to the Dattawadi Police Station. An appeal has been made to Senior Police Inspector Paygude to urgently investigate the entire case. On 6th June, the officials of two departments of PMC and the Municipal Commissioner have also been requested to look into the matter.

Senior Police Inspector, Paygude said that they have received a complaint in this regard. They are trying to ascertain the facts. Citizens have informed them that the mazar is an old one. (Is the Police Inspector trying to say that since the mazar is old, it is legal ?- Editor). Records of all the concerned departments shall be scrutinised. It would not be prudent to jump to any conclusion.

Special Features of Parvati hill

Parvati Hill temple, Pune (Credit : Mumbai Guide)

Parvati hill, the temples on it, and the Peshwa Museum there form an important tourist destination of Pune city. Nana Saheb Peshwa, the Prime Minister of the Maratha Empire, had gotten the Devdeveshwar temple built on the hill. Besides this, there are temples of Kartikeya, Vishnu, Vitthal-Rukmini and other Deities.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • It will not be wrong to say that the negligence and carelessness of the Police, Administration and Forest Department has caused this case of  ‘Land Jihad’ in Pune !
  • Please note that religious fanatics carry out ‘Land Jihad’ by first building a tomb, covering it with a chadar and then building a protective wall around it! Action should be taken against all those concerned who have neglected this illegal construction.

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