Hindu driver suspended for halting bus to allow two Muslim passengers offer ‘namaz’

(Credit : TV9Hindi)

Bareilly (UP) – A Hindu driver who stopped a ‘Janrath’ bus en route and allowed two Muslim passengers to offer ‘namaz’ was suspended. Along with this, the contract of conductor Mohit Yadav was also cancelled. Sanjeev Srivastava, Assistant Regional Manager of Bareilly depot took this action on the orders of Regional Manager Deepak Choudhary.

Bareilly depot’s ‘Janrath’ bus was heading to Kaushambi from the Satellite bus stand. K.P. Singh was the bus driver. After leaving Bareilly at night, the driver stopped the bus en route. After some time, when passengers demanded an answer, they came to know that two Muslim passengers had got down and were offering namaz in the middle of the road. The other passengers in the bus raised an objection. A passenger named Satyendra made a video of it and circulated it everywhere. After a complaint was made about this to Managing Director of Transport Corporation through Twitter, action was taken against the driver.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • The bus driver who wasted the time of other passengers and broke the rules of public transport for the namaz of two Muslim passengers should not only be suspended but also fired from the job.
  • Since most of the politicians till now have been sycophants of Muslims since Independence, the Government employees dare to do the same. Hindu Rashtra is the only solution to change this situation.
  • Why those who claim “all religions are equal” now silent ?

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