There are 24,60,000 fake students in Maharashtra !

  • Invalid Aadhar Cards of 24,60,000 students !
  • Will 60,000 teachers become redundant ?

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Nagpur (Maharashtra) – The State Education Department is in the process of giving approval for student-teacher allotment for the academic year 2022-23. In this process, the Aadhar cards of more than 1,91,00,000  students have been checked so far and 24,60,000 students have been found with invalid Aadhar cards; therefore, all these students are likely to be declared as extra, i.e., fake.

What is the issue ?

The State Education Department is in the process of approving school-wise student-teacher allotments for the academic year 2022-23. Aadhar cards of students from all aided schools are being verified in this process. As per the information obtained till 10th May 2023, UIDAI verified the Aadhar cards of 1,91,00,000 students, and the above facts have come to light. This issue may also affect the teachers as around 60,000 teachers would become redundant in these aided schools from all over Maharashtra.

Government wants to postpone the recruitment of new teachers – Maharashtra State Education Board   

Maharashtra State Education Board has strongly opposed this process and accused the State Government of evading the recruitment of 30,000 new teachers. The Board accused the State Government of carrying out the verification of students’ Aadhar cards as, firstly to declare students as fake and then, treat teachers as extra because the State Government wants to postpone the recruitment of new teachers, scheduled in August 2023.

Students’ Aadhar Cards have to be updated 

For schools and colleges newly seeking approval for aid, allocation of student-teacher on the portal is necessary. It is, therefore, required to update students’ Aadhar cards as grants will be given under various educational schemes of the Government as per the data. It is mandatory for students, getting benefits under various educational schemes of the Government, to update their Aadhar cards. Students not updating their Aadhar cards will not be given grants. Students eligible for the grants are given uniforms, food, textbooks, etc. for free, and they get benefits even under other Government schemes.

Editorial Viewpoint

What were the Police and the State Administration doing since the fake Aadhar Cards racket reached such volume ? All guilty in this case should be stringently punished.

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