If you think ‘The Kerala Story’ is attacking you, not ISIS, then you are also a terrorist : Kangana Ranaut

Mumbai – “See, I have not watched the film, but a lot of effort has gone into trying to ban it. I read it today; correct me if I’m wrong, but the High Court ruled that the movie cannot be banned. Except for ISIS, I don’t think it depicts anyone in a bad light. If the High Court, the country’s responsible body, says so, then they are correct, and we all should respect that. The Islamic State is a terrorist organisation. It’s not as if I’m labelling them terrorists; our country, the Home Ministry, and other countries have,” Kangana said.

(Credit : ABP Maza)

She also said that the film is based on ISIS which is a terrorist organisation as noted by the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs and authorities of several other countries as well. The actress further said that the film is not attacking anyone but ISIS and that if anyone thinks the film is attacking them then they are terrorists. She said this while addressing a Marathi news channel.

She added, “I’m alluding to people who think this film is attacking them and not ISIS. If you think it is attacking you, then you are a terrorist.”

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