Hindu temple vandalised by Khalistanis in Australia

‘Declare Modi Terrorist (BBC)’ was written on the Temple wall

Sydney (Australia) – On Friday, the Khalistani supporters vandalised the BAPS Swaminarayan Temple and wrote “Declare Modi Terrorist (BBC)” on the walls of the temple. Meanwhile, a Khalistan flag was hoisted on the temple gate. This incident occurred in the morning of the 5th of May. The temple management was then informed who further informed the Police about the incident. The New South Wales Police officers reached the spot and are investigating the matter. They have also been provided with the CCTV footage by the temple management for investigation.

(Credit : Times of India)

In the past, Hindu temples in Australia have been attacked many times by Khalistanis. Prime Minister Modi had also discussed this with the Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in March. At that time, Albanese had also assured that ‘Indians will be protected’ but this incident has shown that the Australian Government is inactive.

Editorial viewpoint

Australian Government has once again failed to protect Hindu temples ! The Police & Administration in Australia, Canada, and Britain, remain passive while Khalistani Sikh’s directly vandalise Hindu temples and embassies. This clearly shows that they are in cahoots with Khalistanis. India must rebuke such countries.

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