Golden opportunity for student-seekers to stay in Sanatan Ashrams

Sanatan Ashram

Student-seekers should experience Ashram life that is full of Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) during their summer vacations and become worthy of living in the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ by sowing the seed of spiritual practice in their heart !

1. Seeker-parents should send their children to Sanatan Ashrams during the vacations to inculcate the subconscious impression of spiritual practice in the future generation

Seeker-parents should remember that their children are the future generation of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ ! It is important to teach cultural values and virtues to this generation and inculcate the seed of spiritual practice in their heart. If the next generation is shaped now itself, these children will become cultured citizens of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ !

In a few days, schools and colleges will close for summer vacations. In this period, student-seekers will get a golden opportunity to experience Ashram life by staying in Sanatan’s Ramnathi and Devad Ashrams, as well as at the Mangaluru Sevakendra. Seeker-parents can send their children, who are above 13 years of age, to the nearby Ashrams. Participating in various satsevas in the Ashrams will help them learn many things and develop interest in performing vyashti (Individual) and samashti (Collective) spiritual practice.

2. Various available satsevas

A. Satsevas related to processing of Sanatan’s Texts : Typing in Marathi, translation and proof-reading, formatting of Texts, designing computerised images for the covers of Spiritual Texts, creating line-drawings and sattvik artwork.

B. Satsevas related to Sanatan Prabhat Periodicals : Compilation of news, designing the artwork of advertisements.

C. Satsevas related to Audio-video editing : Filming, photographing, sound recording, video compilation and typing in English.

D. Satsevas related to preservation of invaluable items : Sun-drying, maintaining records, packing and scanning of unique items which have been brought from all over India as well as items used by Saints.

Along with this, satsevas related to computer-repair, library, cooking, construction, management, website, etc. are also available.
Student-seekers will be taught satsevas considering their nature, interest, skills, ability to learn and the time they can devote to satsevas after returning home. They can stay in the Ashram as long as they can to learn these satsevas.

Student-seekers willing to participate in the mission to serve Dharma by helping in the above satsevas should contact the Ashram-sevaks through the District-sevaks.

Other important points :

1. Parents should send only those children to the Ashrams who are willing to perform spiritual practice and satseva. If the student-seeker is not keen on spiritual practice and satseva, then he/she should not be sent with the thought that by staying in the Ashrams, the student-seeker’s bad habits and personality defects harmful for samashti will reduce, and they will develop seekership qualities.

2. Travel reservations should be made only after receiving confirmation from the Ashrams. Return journey reservations should also be made before coming, else there may be difficulties in getting tickets at the last moment.

3. The student-seekers should bring their own bedding and personal medicines.

District-sevaks may kindly note the following before sending student-seekers to the Ashram
While selecting student-seekers, District-sevaks should plan for only those who can learn from Ashram life and satseva related training, and give time for satseva.

After student-seekers are selected, District-sevaks should inform the Ashram-sevaks about the personality defects and virtues of student-seekers along with other relevant information, so that they can be assisted in spiritual practice with guidance on personality defect removal.

Students should experience Ashram life that is full of Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) during their summer vacations !

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