Vande Bharat Express stone-pelting miscreants will face five years jail : Railway warns 

New Delhi – Stone-pelting on trains is a criminal offence hence, the officials will take stringent action against the perpetrators under Section 153 of the Railways Act, which is punishable with imprisonment up to 5 years, SCR said in a press release. Travellers enjoy the comfort and ease since the commencement of the Vande Bharat Express. As the Centre starts the Vande Bharat Express on more routes, the nuisance of stone-pelting is also increasing. Hence, the South Central Railways (SCR) has warned to stop their misdeed of stone-pelting, otherwise, miscreants will face 5-year jail.

Railways security squad has arrested 39 offenders of stone-pelting on the Vande Bharat Express. Bengaluru department of South Western Railways has registered 21 cases of stone-pelting in January and 13 in February 2023.