Will kill Salman Khan not for fame, but with a purpose

Notorious gangster Lawrence Bishnoi threatens in an interview given to Hindi news channel ‘ABP News’ from prison !

(Left side) Notorious gangster Lawrence Bishnoi and actor Salman Khan

New Delhi – “If we wanted to kill someone in the Hindi film industry for publicity or to collect money, we would have killed anyone walking on Juhu Chowpatty. But it is not so. We have not threatened anyone else. We have some ideological differences with Salman Khan and therefore, we are asking Salman to apologise. If there is no apology, God knows what will happen next. God breaks one’s ego,” said Notorious gangster Lawrence Bishnoi during an interview to Hindi news channel ‘ABP News’ through video conferencing from jail. Lawrence Bishnoi is under arrest in connection with the murder of Punjab’s famous singer and Congress leader Sidhu Moosewala. Bishnoi made the above statement while answering the question ‘Did you threaten actor Salman Khan for fame ?’. ‘Had it been done for fame, we would have killed actor Shah Rukh Khan, but we are going to kill Salman Khan not for fame, but with a purpose,” he said.

Moosewala killed as revenge for the murder of my brothers !

During interview Lawrence Bishnoi clarified, “Gurlal and Vicky were my brothers. Sidhu Moosewala was involved in their murder. We have no differences with his family. We have nothing to do with his father.” He further said,” Moosewala’s father Balkaur Singh wants to contest the election, so he is trying to create an atmosphere. After the death of the son, he is taking out marches. 50 people have been arrested in connection with Sidhu’s murder but if this case is investigated by CBI, many people will be acquitted.”

Editorial Viewpoints

  • A notorious gangster gives a live interview to a news channel through video conferencing while in jail, this can only happen in India !
  • Is the Government going to take action against the news channel, prison administration and Lawrence Bishnoi in this case ? or should people assume that rules are only for common prisoners ?

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