O’ Hindus ! An indomitable spirit is vital to defeat imperialism and make India an invincible Nation !

The era of sattvik and courageous kings is considered to be the ‘Golden Age’ of Indian history. However, Indian history is rife with cultural slavery, meaning, foreign rule over India. During the Ramayan period, Lanka’s Ravan ruled over a part of India. Shriram had to incarnate to free India from Ravan’s tyranny. The history of the past 1,400 years shows that parts of India were ruled by Greeks, Portuguese, English, Dutch and Muslims for long periods.

It is an accepted theory that when the society’s warrior spirit vanishes, foreign imperialist powers become dominant, cultural slavery of the meek is inevitable. When will Hindus learn that it was often this foreign imperialism that pushed Hindus, who lacked fighting spirit, into a life of slavery ? Now, history repeats as imperialist powers are pushing India towards slavery. Hence, the Hindu society should develop fighting spirit so that an indomitable India does not fall to foreign rule ever again !

Hence, O’ Hindus ! Remember that the Deities are the destroyers of the armed evil. So, do not remain content with mere worship of the Deities, adopt their fighting spirit to make India an invincible Nation !

– Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale (Founder, Sanatan Sanstha)