In Bhopal, two teachers offer namaz in classroom !

While offering Namaz in the classroom

Bhopal (MP) – Two teachers in Rashidiya School offered namaz in the classroom after escorting the students out. This incident took place on 28th February. ‘Everyone knows that in this school students offer namaz every Friday, but no one speaks anything about it’, said some other teachers.

However, when asked about this Principal KD Srivastava replied, ‘I have no idea about this and I have never seen this kind of incident in school’.

(Credit : TIMES NOW Navbharat )

Will send notice to school – National Commission for Protection of Child Rights

‘Doing religious activities in the classroom is legally unacceptable. If this is happening, we will take note of it and send notice to the concerned schools’, said Priyank Kanungo, chairman of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Please note that the progressives, the so-called atheist and the communist, who are against the worship of Deity Saraswati Devi in the class, do not utter a word about it now !
  • In this way, if the Hindu teachers had taught Bhagawadgeeta in the class, the so-called atheists would have outcried that ‘the education system is being saffronised’ !

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