Christian priest arrested for trying to convert a Hindu family

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Lucknow (UP) – Christian Priest Sujit Kumar and his two lady accomplices Tina Vishwakarma and Shivani Pal arrested by the Police for trying to convert a poor Hindu family in Bhaluwahi, in Jaunpur District in UP. (Converted Hindus still retain their Hindu names. Therefore, it becomes easy for them to mingle with Hindus and change their mindset. – Editor)

Workers of Bajrang Dal informed the Police patrolling that area that the members in Kantidevi’s house were undergoing conversion. Taking cognisance the Police reached the venue and arrested the three by stopping the conversion. A Headmaster of a school residing in that locality is actively involved in converting Hindus. As per the information received, it appears that this Headmaster and the priest Sujit Kumar were luring the poor Hindus with promises of providing grains regularly, educating their children, etc.

Editorial viewpoint

Christians do not pay any heed to the Act of Anti-conversion in Uttar Pradesh (UP). The law should be made more stringent for bring such people to their senses.

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