Place Sanatan’s Texts in Government libraries and Educational Institutions

In March every year and between July and September, Government libraries receive grants to purchase books. The librarians then purchase books on various subjects. Sanatan’s Texts published on subjects related to the Nation, Dharma and Spirituality which explain valuable knowledge in simple language, can be placed in all such libraries. Seekers may make the following efforts.

1. Contact libraries, Principals and Professors

Seekers can contact the Administrative officers of the libraries at the Taluka level so that they can obtain details of all libraries in the Taluka. The Principals of schools and colleges can be explained the importance of these Texts. Seekers can also contact other libraries. Reading Sanatan’s Texts published under the ‘Balsanskar’ Series and other Texts will help children inculcate good values at a young age.

A. The list of Sanatan’s Texts can be shown to them so that they can understand the range of titles and subjects, the languages they are available in, etc. They can be persuaded to buy books for their institutions.

B. They can also subscribe to the ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ Periodicals, which are striving to create awareness about issues related to protecting the Nation & Dharma. Many people will be able to read the Periodicals if subscribed by the libraries and institutions. They will become aware of the attacks taking place on our Nation & Dharma.

C. Try to arrange discourses at these places to provide information on issues related to our Nation, Dharma and Spirituality.

2. Explain the importance of Sanatan’s Texts to the elected representatives in-charge of allocating funds to libraries

Many MLAs and MPs give funds from their ‘Constituency Development Fund’ or directly buy books for libraries. Seekers can contact these elected representatives and request them to buy Sanatan’s Texts from such funds. Many elected representatives have provided funds for Sanatan’s Texts for libraries in the past.

3. Seekers should try and guage how librarians, etc. can be associated with Sanatan’s activities

Besides persuading the librarians and Principals to buy Sanatan Texts, try to gauge how they can be associated with and inclined towards Sanatan’s activities related to the Nation, Dharma and Spirituality, and build a rapport with them. The District-sevaks can allocate this satseva to selected seekers in their District and ensure that the satseva is completed on priority.

Seekers can thus propagate the Guru’s mission by taking the treasure of knowledge available through Sanatan’s Texts to the maximum number of libraries !

Propagate the Guru’s mission by taking the treasure of knowledge in Sanatan’s Texts to the maximum libraries !