In a documentary, BBC sympathises with Shamima Begum, who fled Britain to join ISIS

  • BBC showing undue affinity towards Shamima Begum !
  • Opposition by the British citizens, BBC faces boycott

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London (Britain) –  The controversial BBC made a documentary called ‘India – The Modi Question’ based on the Gujarat riots. After airing this anti-Indian documentary, the BBC is now showing undue affinity to Shamima Begum, who fled from Britain to Syria to join the Islamic State, a jihadist terrorist organisation. The BBC has aired a documentary based on her life ‘The Shamima Begum Story’. In 2015, at the age of 15, Shamima fled Britain with two of her friends and joined the Islamic State terrorist group in Syria. While in Syria, she was known as the ‘Jihadi Bride’. An attempt has been made to narrate her ‘struggle’ in this documentary. This 90 minute documentary covers her journey to Syria. The challenges she faced to come out of it. After giving the above information the documentary also depicts how ‘Shamima expresses her regret about her decision to go to Syria and join ISIS’. Britain has however stripped Shamima of her citizenship after she became a member of ISIS. Shamima’s family is of Bangladeshi descent and they are currently British citizens.

The BBC faces boycott by the British public

Britain however has strongly condemned this documentary. The British public has alleged that this BBC documentary is an attempt to create sympathy for Shamima. The ‘BBC’ is originally a British media house. But now the BBC is facing a lot of opposition in its own country. Many British citizens have now come out to boycott the BBC. They further raised questions saying “We don’t see Shamima Begum showing any remorse for her actions. Then why is the ‘BBC’ unnecessarily creating sympathy for her?’

‘I regret joining a terrorist organization!’ – Shamima

When speaking to the BBC, Shamima Begum expressed her regrets about joining a terrorist organization. (Who is going to believe this? – Editor) She further said she wants to help Britain in the fight against terrorism. She said her example could be useful in enlightening society.

Editorial Viewpoints

It is now time for India to take the initiative and try to ban the BBC throughout the world !

It is expected that the citizens of India should also follow the citizens of Britain and protest against the anti-Indian and anti-Hindu BBC !

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