India suppresses Kashmiris : Bankrupt Pakistan blabbers again

Bankrupt Pakistan cannot stop whining !

Pakistani PM Shahbaz Sharif

Islamabad (Pakistan) – The Indian Government continues to suppress the basic rights of Kashmiris. They have to struggle for their rights, said Pakistan on Kashmir Unity Day.

1. Pakistan observes 5th February as Kashmir Unity Day against the background of the murders of Hindus.

2. For this day, PM Shahbaz Sharif spends a lot of money. A meeting took place between the contact group of Islamic nation’s organisations and the United Nations about Jammu-Kashmir. In this meeting Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey were present.

Editorial viewpoint

There is now no need for any astrologer to predict that Pakistan will split soon. Still, Pakistan doesn’t stop daydreaming about Kashmir ! Although, we cannot expect it from Pakistan. Now according to the saying ‘what goes around, comes around, Pakistan will have to face its karmas !