Islamic flag hoisted on Republic Day in a Madarasa, hoisting tricolor not allowed in Islam !

Barabanki (UP) – In the Rampur city in Barabanki, the Islamic flag was hoisted on a Madarasa  on the Republic Day. After the citizens informed the Police, the Police arrived at the spot and ordered to take down the Islamic flag hoisted in the Madarasa. Accordingly, two individuals named Hafiz Mohammad Sohraab and Mohammad Tafsil Tabrez Mijammudin Rizwan were arrested by the Police. The name of this Madarasa is Ashraful Uloom Imdadia Sakin Madarasa. “Hoisting tricolor is not allowed in our religion. Also, celebration of national festivals is not allowed in Islam,” the Madarasa Maulavi said. (Now, it’s time to say that the Maulavis should go to a country where the flag of their religion is hoisted ! – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • On one hand these people take the benefits of all the facilities provided in the Constitution, use the constitution according to convenience, whereas on the other hand refuse to hoist the national flag, which is stated by the constitution, under the name of religion ! Such people should be kicked out of the country !
  • The Government should now realise that now it’s the time to close all the madarasas in the country !

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