Constant attacks on Hindus by religious fanatics at Haldwani

Hindus are living under terror in Haldwani ! Some Hindus are preparing to leave the city !

Haldwani (Uttarakhand) – The population of Muslims is 95% in this city and Hindus are only 5%. The minority Hindus have to face constant attacks from Muslims. Hindus are in a minority and their womenfolk are also not safe. Hindus are living under terror. Cases of ‘Love Jihad’ and ‘Land Jihad’ are rampant and Hindus are continuously persecuted; therefore, they are planning to leave this city.

The condition of Hindus is grave due to the activities of the fanatics

The Uttarakhand High Court had ordered the eviction of people who are staying in illegal constructions on the Railway land, for which the Supreme Court has issued a stay order. The next hearing was scheduled for 7th February 2023. This incident led to the people of India knowing about Haldwani. The persecution of Hindus by fanatics is, however, ignored. A 72-year-old citizen from the Indira Nagar area said that the area was troublesome for Hindus. The drug addicted fanatics would kick on the doors of Hindu houses and create terror.

Rapid increase in the Muslim population

The Muslim population has increased rapidly in the last ten years, leading to an increase in the problem for Hindus in Banbhoolpura area. A local Hindu said that no one knows how the population of Muslims has grown so fast and from where they have been coming.
Bajrang Dal Convenor Joginder Singh also informed about the sale of narcotics such as cannabis, etc. in Banbhoolpura.

A physically handicapped Hindu said that the Indian Government should arrange for the rehabilitation of his family because the situation is not conducive for Hindus to stay in that area.

An elderly Hindu said that in the 1960’s, Hindus were in majority in Banbhoolpura; but now, Muslims are in majority. Hindus are fleeing from the area.

Persecution of Hindu women by fanatics

A Hindu youth from the Indira Nagar area said that there were many incidents of ‘Love Jihad’ in the area. Hindu women from Banbhoolpura said that Muslims used to stop them while they were on their way. Hindu women are harassed and persecuted and even meat is thrown into their houses.

Religious fanatics demolish Shiva Temple

Satyanarayan Tiwari had constructed a Shiva Temple near his house in the Banbhoolpura area, and after some days, he shifted from there. Muslims later demolished the Temple as well as his house and grabbed his land. Muslims are now staying there.

Editorial Viewpoint

Is Haldwani in India or in Pakistan ? If a situation like Kashmir is created in every nook and corner of India, where will the Hindus go ? The Union Government needs to seriously look into this matter and assure Hindus of their security !

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