26th January according to Date and Magha Shukla 8 (29th January) according to Tithi

Clear rules have been laid down to prevent misuse of the National Flag

The National Flag, which is a symbol of the Nation’s pride, is respectfully hoisted on National festivals such as Independence Day and Republic Day. Some rules have been laid down regarding the usage and hoisting of the National Flag in order to prevent its denigration. The Ministry of Home Affairs has set up the ‘Flag Code of India’, which governs the usage of the National Flag by the citizens.

Very few people, however, are aware that such a Flag Code exists. We commonly see people waving the National Flag proudly during national, cultural and sporting events. However, once the event is over, we see these Flags strewn all around. This disrespect must be stopped.

According to the ‘Flag Code of India’

1. The Flag should not be used as a drapery in any form whatsoever except in State, Military, Central Para-military Forces funerals.
2. The Flag cannot be draped or stuck over any vehicle, train or boat.
3. The Flag should not be used as a curtain in any household.
4. The Flag should not be printed on any clothing or over hand-kerchiefs, napkins, cushions, etc.
5. Nothing should be written or printed on the National Flag.
6. The Flag should not be used in any form of advertisement nor shall an advertising sign be fastened to the pole from which it is flown.
7. Only on Independence Day and Republic Day flower petals are kept inside the Flag before it is unfurled.
8. During the ceremony of hoisting or lowering of the Flag, all people present should face the Flag and stand at attention. Those present in uniform should render the appropriate salute.
9. During a parade, when the Flag is in a moving column, people present will stand at attention and salute as the Flag passes by them. A dignitary may take the salute without wearing a cap.

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