Keep at least the vegetable knife at home for self defense : Sadhvi Pradnya Singh

BJP MP Sadhvi Pradnya Singh

Shivamogga (Karnataka) – Love Jihad is a Jihadi tradition. Those (Muslims) who can’t do anything else, indulge themselves in Love Jihad. They do Jihad even in love, said the Bhopal BJP MP Sadhvi Pradnya Singh in the Hindu Jagaran Vedika program. ‘Save your daughters, give them the correct values’, she appealed.

(Credit : India Today)

While talking about the murder of a Hindu activist in Shivamogga, she said that Hindus should keep weapons in their homes. At least the vegetable knife should be properly sharpened. We never know when it will be needed for our self-defense. Self-defense is everyone’s right. If someone is attacking us at our home, we have the right to answer him.

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