Muslim husband kills converted Hindu wife in Lakhimpur (UP) !

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Lakhimpur (UP) – In the Hafizpur city of Lakhimpur, Mohammed Vasi killed his wife Uma Sharma alias Aksa Fatima by giving her an electric shock. After the murder, he buried her outside the house and slept there for a couple of days. This incident took place when Vasi’s mother had gone to some relatives for a few days. After she returned, she asked about Uma. That time Vasi told her that Uma was murdered.

Then, Vasi’s mother filed a complaint at the Police station. Police took out her dead body and arrested Vasi. Vasi and Uma have 2 children. There used to be frequent clashes between them. This murder was the result of the arguments, informed the Police.

Editorial viewpoint

Considering the situation of Hindu girls after marrying religious fanatic Muslims, Hindus organisations should make rigorous efforts to impart education on Dharma.

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