The murder of Kanhaiyalal is a terrorist act !

  • A case registered against the murderers of Kanhaiyalal at Udaipur !
  • Two Pakistanis involved in the murder
(Image credit : OpIndia)

Udaipur (Rajasthan) – NIA has filed a case in the Court against the murderers of Kanhaiyalal namely Riyaz and Ghouz Mohammed along with 11 others. These include 2 Pakistanis as well but it’s not yet clear what exactly their role in the murder was. They both were the admins of the WhatsApp group. They were sending provocative messages on the group. On 28th June, Riyaz and Ghouz Mohammed entered the shop of Kanhaiyalal and killed him. The charge sheet says that the murderers had created a conspiracy to take revenge. This murder was a terrorist incident. The culprits were fanatics. The objectionable audio and video messages from India and the whole world had influenced them. Riyaz and Ghouz had made provisions of a lancet throughout the country for this murder.

The culprits were enraged due to the Facebook post of Kanhaiyalal about Paigambar. As they were fanatics, they made a video of the murder of Kanhaiyalal and published it in order to create terror in the country. They published one more threatening video to create fear and terror in the minds of Indians to speak against Islam.

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