No proposal to open colleges for Muslim women : Karnataka Govt

(Left side) CM Basavaraj Bommai

Bengaluru – Karnataka’s Chief Minister clarified that there is no proposal before the Government for establishing colleges for Muslim women. The news agencies had published news that Karnataka Government is going to establish 10 new colleges. This caused controversy. And the Chief Minister was giving a clarification of the fact.

Earlier Maulana Shafti Saadi had recently said that it has been decided to start 10 colleges for girls in various Districts in the State at a cost of ₹2.5 crores per college, the Waqf Board has Rs 25 crore and this has been discussed with the Ministers. When Chief Minister Bommai was asked, he said, ‘it might be Maulana Shafti Saadi’s personal view. The Chairman of the Waqf Board should discuss this with the Government.’

(Credit : TIMES NOW)

The Hindu Organisations are in posturing for agitation !

After Maulana’s statement, Hindu Organisations declared a state-wide agitation. The representatives of the Hindu organisations have taken the view that they will not allow the Government to build separate colleges for Muslim girls.

They must build separate colleges and universities for Hindus as well ! – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Mr Mohan Gowda

Mohan Gowda of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti reacted to this, ‘if separate colleges are built for the Muslim Women, then separate colleges and universities should be built for the Hindus too’

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