Immorality in the Church


The Supreme Religious authority of Christians, Pope Francis, has himself agreed that some nuns and priests watch porn.

Some people reason that watching porn is in vogue, and that there is nothing wrong in the act. In reality, addiction to porn is the worst kind of vice; with time, the entire society will have to suffer its harsh consequences. Children in the adolescent stage are tempted to watch porn, but when respectable people in the religious field do the same, it is painful. The so-called progressives and secularists have not only failed to prevent these very shameful acts, they have not protested either.

The Supreme Religious authority of Christians, Pope Francis, has himself agreed that some nuns and priests watch porn. In a transcript published by the Vatican on 26th October, Pope Francis said, “Each of you think if you’ve had the experience or had the temptation of digital pornography. It’s a vice that so many people have, so many laymen, so many laywomen, and even priests and nuns”. He added, “I’m not just talking about criminal pornography like child abuse, where you see live cases of abuse – that’s already degeneracy. But of the more ‘normal’ pornography”.

He was speaking to priests and seminarians studying in Rome when asked how digital and social media should be best used. He added, “A vice that so many people have. However, the priests of tomorrow should learn from this and perform virtuous deeds. The pure heart, the one that Jesus receives every day, cannot receive this pornographic information”.He advised the group to delete such things from their mobile phones, adding that they should do so to keep temptation out of their hands.

Such shameful acts of nuns and priests, who are considered to be knowledgeable about and preachers of religion, can in the near future spell doom for Christianity. Do those who perform such heinous acts have the right to be in respectable positions ?

It will not be unfair to say that the nuns and priests who disrespect Jesus Christ and embrace the path of vulgarity are a blot on Christianity.
The very fact that the obscene (porn) videos are being watched by them means that these thoughts are present in seed form in their minds.

It is because of this lustful nature that many priests abuse others sexually. Not just girls, but boys too have fallen prey to the sexual assault of the priests. There are instances of priests having raped nuns. This has been going on for decades. Now, the number of such incidents is on the rise. Having such priests is a blot on Christianity. As a result, Christianity is slowly on the decline.

The Pope should take stringent measures to eradicate this bug that has infected Christianity. This calls for strict action; however, in most of the cases, no action has been taken so far, the crimes have not even been registered nor have the culprit priests been sent to jail. On many occasions, the Police have avoided registering complaints or taking action. This has only encouraged the lewd priests, leading to increase in the instances of sexual abuse.

International conferences are also being organised to set things right. What a pity, conferences are required to be organised to infuse ethics among the (supposedly) ethical ! Handing out the harshest of punishments to the culprits is the only way to prevent such obscene activities.


The Church should be banned

This bug of sexual abuse is spreading violently overseas. In France, since 1950, almost 2,16,000 children have fallen prey to sexual abuse perpetrated by the priests. This information was revealed in 2021. In Germany, 1,670 priests abused 3,677 children between 1946 and 2014.

In short, it can be said that the Church has no more remained a place of worship; rather, it has transformed into a focal point of sexual abuse. The brutal and criminal priests have been protected on numerous occasions, and as a result, instances of sexual abuse have been on the rise. This is how the prayer centres of Christians are getting exposed.

The poisonous creeper in the form of sexual abuse has shaken the very foundation of Christianity. Is the Church a centre for learning brotherhood and serenity or sexual abuse ? Is the act befitting of the priests who boast of serenity, love and tolerance in Christianity ? The row includes not only priests, but Bishops and Cardinals as well.

To arrest this increasing menace of sexual abuse in Churches, it is important to first find what all things are going on in Churches. One cannot deny the fact that Churches are not only centres of sexual abuse, but are also centres that sow the seeds of religious conversions. Hence, with the exposure of the dark side of the Church with each passing day, it will not be surprising if there is a demand to ban the Church in the near future.

The effect of supporting such Christians

Whenever there are false allegations of sexual abuse made against Hindu Saints, the media everywhere get ready to oppose Hindu Dharma with all their might. However, if we try to find how many in the media published the news on priests and nuns watching porn, it will be upsettingly low.

These media are like slaves to Christianity. Why are Christians, who have antipathy towards Hindu Dharma, not uttering a word about it ? This merely reveals the pro-Christian nature of the media. Hindu priests are opposed at every stage; conversely, every act of the Christian priests seems to have a secret approval. This anti-Hindu Dharma mentality is the root cause of all such incidents.

It should be noted that such incidents are not reducing only because of the silent or behind the screen supporters.

It is the need of the hour to make thorough efforts to terminate this erotic and devilish mindset !

Shameful acts of nuns and priests, who are preachers of religion, can in the near future spell doom for Christianity !