Christian teacher in a convent school in Ujjain used to show porn videos to girls in class !

  • Arrested after parents lodged complaint
  • School’s management attempted to suppress the matter !
Arrested teacher Lijoy (in frame)

Ujjain (MP) – Lijoy, a teacher at Dinah Convent School in Tarana, has been arrested by the Police for allegedly showing porn videos to girls and teaching them the words ‘love you’ and ‘kiss you’. This action was taken after students informed the parents about this and parents lodged a complaint with the Police. Earlier, parents and activists of Hindu organisations raised slogans outside the school and pelted stones. Police reached the spot and brought the situation under control.

1. The girls said, ‘The school management was told in this matter, but they suppressed the matter without taking any action’. The Police will now also investigate the management of the school.

2. One of the girls’ parents said that the school management had threatened to expel the girl from the school after she reported the incident at home, and a letter was written and her signature was taken on it.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Such a school should be de-registered and the concerned trustees should be arrested !
  • Just as madarsas were surveyed in Uttar Pradesh, the convent schools in the country must also be surveyed for what is being taught and what restrictions are imposed on Hindu students !