Enhance your individual spiritual practice since the adverse times are approaching fast !

Shrisatshakti (Mrs) Binda Singbal’s precious guidance on spiritual practice

Shrisatshakti (Mrs) Binda Nilesh Singbal, one of the two multifaceted Successors of Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale

1. The Guru’s guidance

The adverse times are at our doorsteps. Shri Guru has earlier warned us – ‘We are already neck-deep in water. We may not get another chance later’. Therefore, we must understand the gravity of the situation and strive to improve upon our spiritual practice qualitatively as well as quantitatively. We have to offer ourselves as a medium to accomplish Shri Guru’s mission and leave everything else to Him. Our mind and intellect must be sufficiently cleansed to serve as His medium.

Once we are spiritually evolved, we give importance to others’ wishes and act accordingly. Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Jayant Athavale has advised seekers to improve upon their spiritual practice since He knows that seekers have the potential to evolve spiritually. Hence, it is inappropriate to think otherwise. Also, we should never be complacent, but continue to evolve spiritually.

2. Importance of yearning in spiritual practice

A. We can change our destiny for the better with Shri Guru’s grace : Shri Guru is so generous and exceptional that He aims to liberate every seeker from the endless cycles of birth and death. He will help seekers attain Moksha (Final Liberation). We should use our free will to the best of our ability and have unwavering faith in Shri Guru. With Shri Guru’s grace, we can even change our destiny for the better.

B. Favourable and unfavourable circumstances depend on our free will : The present time is unfavourable for people, but it is a golden time for seekers to perform spiritual practice. Our free will decides if we land in a favourable or an unfavourable situation.

C. If we yearn to evolve spiritually, spiritual practice will take place effortlessly. The seeker’s age, gender, educational qualifications or nature of satseva (Service unto the Absolute Truth) do not hinder his / her spiritual progress.

3. We do not have to wait long to see the dawn of the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ provided we perform spiritual practice regularly and wholeheartedly

Shri Guru has shown us the path to Moksha by providing us shelter at His Lotus feet. Hence, every seeker should yearn to express gratitude unto His Holy feet since He has done a lot for seekers.

Seekers should surrender themselves at the Lotus feet of Shri Guru and perform spiritual practice wholeheartedly. They should not just think about performing spiritual practice, but should immediately act accordingly.

A true seeker has the virtue of seeking feedback from others about their mistakes and later corrects the related aspect of their behaviour. If they remain steadfast on this path, they will evolve to become disciples, and later Saints. If seekers devote themselves to their individual and collective spiritual practice, we do not have to wait long to see the dawn of the ‘Hindu Rashtra’. With Shri Guru’s grace, it will be established soon.

4. If seekers perform any satseva wholeheartedly and with bhav (Spiritual emotion), it will get offered at the Lotus feet of Shri Guru

Seekers should perform any satseva in a manner that God expects them to. Once a specific satseva gets completed, seekers should assess if they have been able to perform it as per God’s expectations. Seekers should then pay attention to their inner voice about the assessment and proceed accordingly.

When we have this subconscious thought that we need to perform satseva as expected by God, we naturally work on and get rid of personality defects such as procrastination or taking liberties. If seekers perform satseva wholeheartedly with complete dedication and bhav (Spiritual emotion), it will get offered at the Lotus feet of Shri Guru.

Every satseva is a medium to get closer to God or the Guru Principle. Seekers should also make conscious efforts to imbibe Divine virtues while performing various satsevas.

5. Satseva is as essential for spiritual practice as breathing is essential to survive

  • A seeker should be introverted deeply if he really wants to evolve spiritually.
  • Once the thought of performing satseva with perfection gets impressed upon the seeker’s mind, he / she does not waste even a single second.
    A seeker should perform spiritual practice with a deep sense of gratitude towards Shri Guru. God shows the path when a seeker repeatedly pays obeisance to Him and prostrates at His Lotus feet.
  • Real gratitude is nothing but the effort to constantly renounce the mind at God’s Lotus feet.
  • If there is no salt in the food, the item becomes tasteless. Similarly, if God does not exist in the seeker’s life, his / her life becomes meaningless !
Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale

Even a seemingly insignificant event takes place as per God’s wish, yet His plans also have room for wilful actions. If we use our wilful actions well, we may be able to avoid unfortunate events. If society performs spiritual practice, it will lead to increase in sattvikata (Spiritual purity), reduction in the Tama component, and the unfortunate consequences will get nullified.

– Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale

What is Ego ?

The futility of man’s ‘I’-ness (meaning, ego) can be realised from Saint Jnaneshwar’s quote – ‘He who says I have attained it, knows nothing’.
Almost every individual on earth has ego about something or the other; for example, about one’s work, knowledge, success, beauty, fame, sympathy one expresses, family, caste, religious order, country, Deity of worship, spiritual practice – whatever one is associated with. Ego is the root cause of unhappiness. It is easy to make efforts to reduce ego if we know the reasons which lead to the development of ego.

In general, ego is understood to be the pride related to ‘me’, ‘mine’ ‘for myself’. Thoughts such as ‘my body and mind’, ‘my intellect’, ‘my life’, ‘my wealth’, ‘my wife and children’, ‘I should obtain happiness’, etc. arise from ego alone. ‘When we peel an onion, all that we get in the end are only the peels and nothing at the core. Similarly, we will not find an object called ‘I’.

Ego is a major hurdle in the path of man’s worldly and spiritual happiness. Since the seed of ego is present at the very birth of man, ego is invariably present in everyone – be it young or old, rich or poor, educated or uneducated – to a lesser or greater extent. Ego is like the wild weeds growing in a field. Until the weeds are uprooted completely, we cannot harvest a good crop. The weeds have to be uprooted regularly. Similarly, it is not possible to obtain God’s grace without the complete destruction of ego. Ego is so deeply ingrained in man that though the very objective of spiritual practice is to destroy ego, it is not easy to eliminate it quickly even after performing spiritual practice. Hence, instead of thinking that ego will dissolve automatically by performing spiritual practice, we should make conscious efforts to destroy the ego.

(To learn in detail : www.sanatan.org/en/a/destroy-ego)

Shri Guru is so generous and exceptional that He aims to liberate every seeker from the endless cycles of birth & death !