‘FATF’ should first ask Pakistan for an explanation about the 500 corpses of unknown persons !  Tarek Fateh’s statement exposes Pakistan’s true face !

Toronto (Canada) – ‘FATF’ (Financial Action Task Force) should not accept Pakistan’s request to take them out of the Grey list, says Tarek Fateh, a senior journalist of Pakistani origin residing in Canada. He had exposed the fact of Pakistan’s terrorist nature in a Tweet a few hours before ‘FATF’ took its decision on 21st October.

Fateh Tweeted, ‘ ‘FATF’ should ask Pakistan about the 500 mutilated bodies seen on the hospital roof in Multan. Multan is the largest centre of the Pakistan Army. Citizen groups and Human rights organisation have alleged that they are the bodies of people kidnapped by the army in the past few years’.

Fateh adds, ‘hence it is necessary that ‘FATF’ should ignore Pakistan’s request. Pakistan investigating agencies have mentioned that 5,000 individuals have disappeared in Pakistan. Media and Human Rights Organisations opine that 40,000 individuals have disappeared from the provinces of Baluchistan, Sind, Punjab, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.’