Reasons behind Popular Front of India’s terrorism

(Retd.) Brigadier Hemant Mahajan
Central agencies have conducted raids and arrested people associated with PFI in 13 States. ED has taken this action even before any terrorist act takes place. The Union Government has recently banned PFI. It could have led to a great turmoil in India, but as of now, the central agencies have succeeded in preventing it. Against this backdrop, let us understand the nature of terrorism and its causes.

Now bomb blasts have taken a backseat in terrorism. Instead, violence or agitations against the law are taking place !

1. Nature of PFI and action against it

PFI is considered to be a terrorist organisation. It has its presence in many States and has numerous branches. PFI has been operating under different names in various States such as Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala. There are also separate branches for women and children. PFI and its affiliates have a very large number of leaders and workers. Now PFI is expanding its network to other parts of the country besides South India. PFI is a terrorist organisation, no doubt; but, this by itself is not important. The investigative agencies must prove that this organisation has carried out terrorist activities.

2. It is necessary to nab the leaders and workers of terrorist organisations and take stringent action against them

There will be no use banning the PFI, because these people can change their names and carry on activities under other names. So far India had banned various Pakistani terrorist organisations. Banning an organisation is not the solution. Rather, their leaders and workers involved in illegal activities should be nabbed, imprisoned and punished stringently according to the law of the land. Only then such organisations can be restrained. If they decide to convert 100 children into terrorists, 10-15% of them will actually become terrorists. Now guns or bomb blasts have taken a backseat in terrorism. Instead, violence or agitations against the law are taking place. Everyone is allowed to protest constitutionally, but it is equally true that violence can not permitted.

3. Reasons why PFI is flourishing in South India

As far as our country is concerned, terrorism has flourished in Kashmir. Central India has been suffering from Naxalism or Maoism. Though there have been many attempts to eliminate these, 20% still remains. Many insurgent groups have created turmoil in North-East India. Activities of these groups have been curbed, but they still control some areas. It is just that South India remained peaceful after the elimination of the LTTE. Hence, a propaganda has been started in the name of PFI to create unrest in this region too. They intend to spread terrorism all over India, but currently they are predominant in South India. Through this, they want to show the world that India is an unsafe country and foreign investment should not come here. The main strategy is to attack India’s economy.

India needs to import coal to generate electricity. Most of the coal reserves in India are in its central region. They have not been sufficiently excavated by us. No one will get an independent Nation through terrorism, but they can hinder India’s economic progress. Therefore, China resorts to violence in Kashmir, Central India and North-East India. Terrorism of protesters has been on the rise when compared with physical terrorism. Its sole purpose is to stop the ongoing development work through any means. Then, various reasons such as Hijab or National Register of Citizens (NRC) are fabricated.

4. Comprehensive measures must be taken to stop violence and terrorism

If the violence and terrorism of the protesters is to be stopped, comprehensive measures must be taken. Terrorism is being spread through social media, mosques and madarasas. Those who spread such terrorism must be monitored and caught. As of now, this task is being done by the National Investigation Agency. Many bogus accounts are created on social media. Efforts should be made to ensure that this does not happen. Everyone’s identity should be disclosed on social media. It requires money to perpetuate terrorism. The flow of money they receive must be stopped. Many such measures can be taken.