Declare the atrocities committed by the Pakistani Army in Bangladesh in 1971 as ‘genocide’ !

Two US lawmakers introduce a resolution in the House of Representatives !

‘Genocide’ of Hindus by Pakistan Army in Bangladesh (archive photo)

Washington (USA) – Two US Congressmen Steve Chabot and Ro Khanna have introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives to declare Pakistan Army atrocities committed against Hindus and Bengali Muslims during the 1971 liberation war of Bangladesh as an act of genocide and crime against humanity. They have also demanded that Pakistan must issue an apology to the citizens of Bangladesh. Congressman Ro Khanna is of Indian origin.

Khanna said that in the genocide that took place in Bangladesh in the year 1971, lakhs of people were killed. 80% of them were Hindus.

Editorial Viewpoint

It is shameful for India that lawmakers from the US make such a demand and not Indian MPs ! The Government should also be active to protect the Hindus in Bangladesh by passing such a resolution in the Parliament of India !

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