For many decades, West did not supply arms to India : Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar 

Russia supports India’s arms purchase

Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar

Canberra (Australia) – In support of India’s purchase of weapons from Russia, Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar has reprimanded western Countries for supplying arms to Pakistan. Along with Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong, he spoke at a press conference on 10th October.

An Australian journalist asked Jaishankar, ‘Will the purchase of arms from Russia be reduced after the war between Russia and Ukraine ?’ And ‘Would you reconsider the relationship with Russia ?’. In response, he said, “India and Russia have had friendly relations for a long time. They are definitely in India’s interest. There is a large number of Soviet-era weapons as well as Russian-made weapons in our arsenal. There are many reasons for that. One of them is that many Western Countries did not supplied arms to India for decades. On the contrary, they made dictators their allies rather than us.” This time, Jaishankar’s pointed directly Pakistan. It has been 75 years since Pakistan came into existence and most of the time there has been military rule.

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