Glorification of terrorist Yakub Memon’s tomb in Mumbai

Terrorist Yakub’s Tomb decorated with Led

Mumbai – In 1993, 257 people were killed in the series of bomb blasts that shook Mumbai. The main accused, terrorist Yakub Memon, was buried in Mumbai after he was hanged in 2015. Recently it was observed that his tomb has been decorated and turned into a ‘mazar’ (Mausoleum).

A marble railing was built during the Corona pandemic around Yakub Memon’s tomb at ‘Bada Kabristan’ at Marine Lines in South Mumbai, besides the construction of some additional structures. LED bulbs have also been fitted, and it occupies space that can be used for 5-7 tombs. After 18 months, a tomb is used for burying other dead people; therefore, no permission is granted for constructing a permanent structure. Even then, a permanent structure has been constructed here. Therefore, a question is being raised as to why others who died were not brought here for burial in so many years ? It is also said that a person has even tried to sell this place illegally.

News in this context was published on 7th September when a squad of the Municipal Corporation and Police officers visited this place and provided protection too.

Police remove lights on the tomb

The LED and halogen bulbs have been removed from the tomb and the Police have even removed the electrical wires supplying electricity to this place.

Explanation given by ‘Bada Kabristan’

There are many tombs where marble has been used. Yakub’s family is paying rent for this place and his other deceased family members have also been buried here, explained the people of ‘Bada Kabristan’.

The following doubts arise in this regard

1. Has the Kabristan administration sold the land where the tomb was built to Yakub’s family ? Is selling a Kabristan legal ?
2. Was the necessary permission obtained if any tomb was thus secured permanently in any Kabristan ?
3. Why was Yakub’s tomb not dug up as per the rules after 18 months ?
4. Why did the previous Government not take a decision to dispose of the matter of Yakub’s tomb ?
5. Is this an attempt to glorify terrorist Yakub Memon ?

Editorial Viewpoint

  • What were the administration & Police doing so far ?
  • In a similar case, Afzal Khan’s tomb was converted into a mazar at the base of the Pratapgarh Fort, and no ruling political party or its administration took any action to demolish it all these years despite the Court’s orders. Hence, it is doubtful if any action will be taken regarding Yakub Memon’s tomb ?
  • The USA killed Laden and threw his body into the sea. Similarly, a law should be passed in India to bury the dead bodies of Jihadi terrorists in unknown places, instead of handing them over to their relatives.

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