Madarasas get Rupees 10,000 crore every year, sources are secret

(Right side) Priyank Kanungo, head of NCPCR

New Delhi – The Uttar Pradesh Government has decided to conduct a survey of private madarasas, and the Assam Government has also taken steps in this regard. Now, the ‘National Commission for Protection of Child Rights’ (NCPCR) has released a report which says that there has been a significant increase in the funding of madarasas in the country. Madarasas get Rs 10,000 crore annually. The report said that 50% of these funds are coming from secret sources.

“There has been a significant increase in the income of madarasas, but the expenditure on meals for children has come down by 50%. It is clear that the condition of the students in the madarasas is pathetic. The curriculum of these madarasas is from Aurangzeb’s time. A lot of funds come in the name of madarasas but they are not used for the children”, Priyank Kanungo, Chief of NCPCR, told a journalist.

Madarasas should be surveyed ! : Recommendation of NCPCR

The report of NCPCR says that there should be clarity about the utilisation of funds being received by the madarasas. A survey of madarassas has been recommended in this report. Criticising the NCPCR report, Shahid Ali (President of ‘United Muslim Front’) said that the report could be false.

Editorial viewpoint

It has been proved many times that children are taught anti-National lessons in most madarasas in our country, and the teachers in madarasas are also involved in anti-National activities. If this be the case, it should be investigated how are the funds they receive in such a large amount being used.

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