DMK ally in Tamil Nadu announces to separate Tamil Nadu from India

(Right side) Vanni Arasu

Chennai – The leader of Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK), which supports Tamil Nadu’s ruling DMK party, has proclaimed secession of TN from India. BJP State President Annamalai shared a video on social media of VCK Deputy General Secretary, Vanni Arasu, addressing a public meeting in August. Annamalai accused the MK Stalin Government in TN of encouraging such statements, instead of taking action against them.

(Credit : Republic World)

In the video, Arasu is saying that the campaign to separate TN from India began on 17th August and will continue till 17th August next year. In the period, VCK will campaign in various villages against Sanatan Dharma, connect the youth to the movement, give information on Periyar and Babasaheb Ambedkar. “Even if we have to lose our lives against Sanatan Dharma, we will not feel bad”, he added.

State Secretary of BJP, SG Surya, said that Ambedkar never supported secession. He worked to unite the country. Ambedkar wrote the Constitution. VCK party always makes such statements, but Arasu’s statement against Sanatan Dharma is very reprehensible. “CM Stalin should take a stand on this statement and take strict action against Arasu”, added Surya.

VCK party Spokesperson Vikraman has defended Arasu, saying that Arasu’s statement has been misinterpreted. Vikraman said that compared to other States in the country, the success achieved by Tamil Nadu is much more. On the defamation of Sanatan Dharma, Vikraman said that any political party that promotes social justice and equality will always oppose such statements. (Such is the Hinduphobic hollow bragging of the VCK party ! – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Since the DMK has come to power, the separatist and anti-Hindu movements in Tamil Nadu have gained momentum. The fact is that the TN Government supports it.
  • A separate Khalistan is demanded by the Khalistanis, an Islam State by fanatic Muslims, while Christians speak of making the North-Eastern States a Christian Nation, and they have a plan of action for it. Now the poison of separatism is being spread in Tamil Nadu as well. Establish the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ to stop all this at the earliest.

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