A Hindu poor family gets the threat of ‘sar tan se juda’ for distributing flags !

An incident at Bijnor, UP

(‘Sir tan se juda’ means separating the head from the body)

Bijnor (UP) – On the occasion of Independence Day, the poor family of Arun Kashyap Upakhya Annu in Bijnor distributed the national flags in the vicinity. They received a letter with the threat that they will be beheaded. Hence, the whole family is scared. The Police have provided protection to their family. Registering a complaint against an unknown person, the investigation is being carried out.

Arun Kashyap stays in a small house in the Buddha Pada area. On 14th August, the family noticed a letter with the note of the threat stuck on their wall. “Annu, you seem happy over distributing Tiranga to every house. Now you must be beheaded.” It was signed as ‘Friends of ISI.’ Police were shocked to read it. Police Inspector Pravin Ranjan Singh said that the investigation is being carried out in detail and strict action will be taken against the culprit.

Editorial viewpoint

Everyone knows who these people having hatred for independence are and why they are giving such threats ! The mouths of such people should be shut up !

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