Kashmiri Hindu workers in the Kashmir valley are still agitating for relocation

Srinagar (J&K) – Despite various Government efforts, Hindu workers are not safe in the Kashmir valley. Therefore, the agitation will continue until they relocate from the valley to anywhere else in the country, said the All Migrant (Displaced) Employees Association Kashmir (AMEAK), which is leading this ongoing agitation since 12th May.

As Kashmiri Hindus have been targeted and killed in the Kashmir Valley for the past few months, the Kashmiri Hindu workers are demanding their relocation and are agitating for it.

Now the Union Home Ministry has issued an order to transfer 5 Junior Engineers from the Public Works Department, Kashmir, to Jammu Division. All of them are Kashmiri Hindus. Earlier, the Central Government had clarified that fearing violence, Hindu employees would not opt for transfer from Kashmir. The Union Home Ministry has not made any disclosure about the sudden transfer. However, the 5,000 agitating Kashmiri Hindu workers have welcomed the relocation decision. However, they will continue agitating until all the Kashmiri Hindu workers relocate to safer places.

The Central Government has set up a committee to decide the transfer of Hindu employees (non-Kashmiri Hindus) of native Jammu but appointed to Kashmir. Chief Secretary (Personnel Department) Manoj Kumar Dwivedi is the head of this committee. The committee will verify all aspects related to relocation and would not recommend the relocation of Kashmiri Hindus. No decision regarding the transfer of these employees could be taken without the approval of the Union Home Ministry.

Editorial Viewpoint

Despite such agitation, it is shameful that the Government agencies are not acting to protect the lives of Hindus.

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