Akbar Khan a local leader of the ruling Jharkhand Mukti Morcha beat up a Hindu teacher in school

  • The allegation that students not allowed to go for offering Friday’s namaz
  • First, the Police refused to file a complaint, later they noted it but without the mention of the word namaz.

Singhbhum (Jharkhand) – In Jharkhand’s Goilkera area Akbar Khan local leader of the ruling Jharkhand Mukti Morcha party on the allegation of students, of the local government school, are not being allowed to go for offering Friday’s namaz, forcefully entered the school and beat up teacher Ramesh Dube in the presence of the students.

When Dubey went to the local Police station to file a complaint, the Police refused to register the complaint as Akbar Khan is a leader of the ruling party; but on the next day, they registered the complaint. The Police asked Dubey to write the complaint all over again and deleted the mention of namaz from it. Dubey has asked for protection stating that he fears for his life because of Akbar Khan. Dubey says that Akbar Khan is close to Joba Majhi the State-minister.

1. Dubey says that he never prohibited students from offering namaz, but Akbar Khan said that the students told him that they were not allowed to go to offer namaz.

2. kbar Khan said there was no incident of beating up ever happened. I am a victim of political conspiracy.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Ruling party leaders indulging in hooliganism! How dare they forcefully enter the school and beat up a teacher in front of the students ? Will the secular organisations and parties speak up now about this incident ?
  • The Jharkhand Police who have become handmaidens of the ruling party ! Can such Police maintain law and order in the State ?

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