Friday school holiday in more than 500 Govt schools in the Simanchal areas of Bihar

Patna (Bihar) – Now after Jharkhand, more than 500 schools, for the past few years, are being given the weekly holiday on Friday instead of Sunday, in the Northeast (Simanchal) part of Bihar. These schools are in the Muslim majority districts of Kishanganj, Aria, Katihar, and Purnia. In the 2011 census, the Simanchal area’s Muslim Population was more than 30%.

  1. In the Aria district’s Jokihat block the weekly holiday is given on Friday in 229 out of the block’s total 244 schools. Jokihat block’s education officer Shiv Narayan Suman confirmed this fact. He said that this has been the practice for many years.
  2. Raj Kumar the Education officer in the Aria district said there is no such directive given by the government.
  3. A Government school teacher said that in the year 2014 Mahmud Asraf of the Janata Dal (United) made the Friday holiday compulsory in the Meenapur Panchayat in Baisi Block of the Purnia District. It was not opposed by the Education Department’s officers.
  4. The Balrampur block’s education officer, Mumtaz Ahmad said that in 2010 the Bihar Government had sent a letter and from then the weekly holiday has been given on Friday.

….Then give holiday to the Hindus on Tuesday – BJP

BJP spokesperson, Nikhil Anand, has opposed giving Friday as the weekly holiday. If the schools are being kept closed on Fridays for the Muslims, then for the Hindus schools will have to be kept closed on Tuesdays. India is a secular country and according to the Constitution, it is not necessary to make rules according to any religion.

Editorial viewpoint

Are the States of Jharkhand and Bihar in India or in Pakistan ? To stop these types of incidents Hindus too should make a demand for holidays according to their religious days !

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