Global representation of atrocities against Hindus in Bangladesh and India

Dutch MP Geert Wilders questions foreign ministers of various countries

Dutch MP Geert Wilders

Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Geert Wilders, the founder of a political party ‘Party for Freedom’ in the Netherlands and an MP, has written a letter to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Law and Security of various countries and asked 13 questions about the Islamic atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh and India. Sanatan Prabhat is yet to get an answer to its question as to which countries’ ministers has Wilders questioned.

The main questions asked by wilders are :

1.) Are you aware of the horrific violent attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh ? What is your opinion on this ?

2.) Are you aware these attacks are carried out by Muslims ? What is your opinion on this ?

3.) Are you aware that Hindus’ houses, places of worship and shops are being set on fire in Bangladesh? What is your opinion on this ?

4.) Are you aware of the fact that violent attacks against minorities such as Hindus, in majority Muslim Bangladesh, have increased in recent years ? What is your opinion on this ?

5.) Do you agree that these atrocities are unacceptable and that they are far too little publicised in the Western world ? What is the cause of this in your opinion ? Are you willing to help change that ? If not, why not ?

6.) Do you agree that it is striking that violence against Muslims is often widely reported in the media, but at the same time violence by Muslims is often swept under the rug? If so, do you have an explanation for this ? If not, why not ?

7.) Are you willing to openly support the Hindus in Bangladesh and India and other countries, and to contact the governments of Bangladesh and India to that end ? If not, why not?

8.) Are you also prepared to openly condemn the violence of Muslims against Hindus ? If not, why not ?

Apart from these questions, Wilders has also asked questions on the Nupur Sharma case and the ongoing violence due to it.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • What Hindu political leaders in India are expected to do, a Christian MP across the ocean does, which is shameful for Hindus. Will atrocities on Hindus ever stop with such inactive political leaders ?

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