Hindu family attacked in Bangladesh by religious fanatics

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – Aowlad Hossain attacked a Hindu family of Shivaloy Upazila in Manikganj District with his gang, informed the ‘Voice of Bangladeshi Hindus’ on tweet. A few days ago, Sheikh Hasina had announced that Bangladesh will follow the Medina Charter (‘Constitution written in the 6th Century by Muslims in Madina in Saudi Arabia’) (From this it is clear that Hindus have no place in Bangladesh. It will be shameful for Hindus if India is looking at the Hindus who are living in hell-like place in the neighbouring Islamic countries without taking any action. – Editor)

Editorial perspectives

  • It is not expected from the Indian Government not to react when Hindus are attacked continuously in Bangladesh.
  • Indian Government should note that when Muslims are attacked in India, Islamic countries and their organisations immediately ask India to give answer.

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