Karnataka : Private school takes children to mosque on the eve of Bakrid, Hindu groups protest

 (Left side) Students are listening to a sermon in the Dargah

Karnataka (15th July) – On the eve of Bakrid, a private school took its children on a trip to a dargah and a mosque in Gundlupet city of Chamarajanagar District. Following this tour, all Hindu groups in Karnataka condemned the school’s authorities for taking pupils on the visit.

On 8th July, staff from Young Scholar School took UKG students to Terakanambi’s dargah and mosque. The children were allegedly made to worship in the mosque and given a discourse by a religious leader at the dargah, which sparked a public outcry against the school administration, according to sources.

The ‘Hindu Jagarana Vedike’ has brought up the matter with the Education Department and filed a complaint in this respect, strongly opposing the visit of students to a mosque, where a Muslim cleric preached to them a religious discourse.

Following the uproar over the matter, the school administration apologised and promised to penalize the guilty teachers. Officials of the Education Department claim that the teachers had notified parents about the excursion. The administration of the school expressed regret for the event and was told not to take students anywhere without first notifying the Education Department.

Editorial viewpoint

When will the Hindus realise that this one-sided ‘Secularism’ is suicidal for them ? It is necessary for the Hindu organisations to impart Dharmashikshan to Hindus.