Three Ahmadi Muslims arrested for the slaughter of sheep and cows on the occasion of Id in Pakistan

The Law in Pakistan considers the Ahmadi as non-Muslims and hence they do not have the right to celebrate Eid.

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Lahore (Pakistan) – In Pakistan’s Punjab province the Police arrested 3 persons belonging to the minority Ahmadi community for killing 1 sheep and 1 cow on Id. The Pakistan Constitution was amended in 1974 and the Ahmadi Community was declared non-Muslim. According to the Pakistan Penal Code’s section  298 C, this community cannot follow any Islamic traditions.

The Ahmadi community is being oppressed for many years

Thousands of individuals of the Ahmadi community are killed every year as ‘Kafirs’ (those who do not accept Islam). They are accused of insulting Allah. There is opposition to allowing Ahmadi to be buried in the Islamic Cemetery. Pakistan has had 39 incidents of Ahmadi Corpse being exhumed from being buried in these cemeteries.

Information about the Ahmadi Community

Islam has about 73 sects. Ahmadi is a sect among them. Mirza Gulam Ahmad established it in 1889. In Islam Muhammad Paigambar is the only Prophet; but Ahmad declared himself a Prophet as well. He considered himself to be a Messiah (a person who is born for the good of the world). It is for this reason that the Muslims do not accept the Ahmadis as Muslims and consider them as Kafirs.

Editorial viewpoint

Those who say ‘in the Hindu religion the community is divided because it comprises of various communities and castes; do not speak a word about the violent fights between the Shias and the Sunnis or the oppression of the Ahmadi community.

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