School with 75% Muslim students pressurising the Principal to implement Islamic rules

The Principal has been pressurised by the Muslim community to implement Islamic rules

Garhwa (Jharkhand) – Yugesh Ram, the Principal of a school in Garhwa in Jharkhand, has been pressurised by Muslim community to implement Islamic rules in the school. Citing the reason 75% of students in the school being Muslim some Muslim youth-created disturbing situations by entering the school premises and compelling to change the prayer. They even stopped students from offering prayer with folded hands.

The Principal has reported this matter to the Chief of the Korwadi Panchayat and the District Education Officer. The Principal informed that for long the Muslim community had been pressurising him to change the school rules. Some time back they changed the pattern of our prayer. Earlier we were saying, ‘Dayakadan Vidyaka….’, now we are made to say, ‘Tuhi Ram tuhi Rahim …..’.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Is Garhwa in Jharkhand in India or Pakistan ?
  • This is the state where the number of Muslim students in the school becomes 75%, if the Muslims become even 35% in the country then we need not be surprised if there is a demand for announcing India to be an ‘Islamic country’. Before we reach that stage, establish Hindu Rashtra in India.
  • Why are Progressives, so-called education scholars, Congress, Communists, and Secularists who were shouting about saffronising education merely due to demand of teaching Shrimadbhagwadgeeta in school, silent now ?

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