Demand to release Teesta Setlevad from  UN’s Human rights Head Office

India reacted furiously

New Delhi – A demand to release Teesta Setlevad has come from the United Nations Human Rights Head Office. India has strongly reacted to this demand saying that the demand is inappropriate. Teesta Setlevad has been arrested on the charges of manipulating information pertaining to the riots in Gujarat and doing wrong publicity by taking the support of law.

1. Human Rights Head Office has said in a tweet that they were anxious about the arrest of Teesta Setlevad and 2 retired  Police officers and they have demanded their release. They should not be harassed in connection to the riots of 2002.

2. India’s Spokesperson of Indian Foreign Service Aridam Bagchi said referring to the tweet, that trying to make such a demand is akin to interfering in the country’s independent Judiciary. Investigating agencies have lawfully taken action against those violating law. Hence, making such a demand by Human Rights Office is absolutely inappropriate. Calling this action as harassment is misguiding and will not be accepted.

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